Empowerment Yoga Program

Empowerment Yoga Program
Practical strategies that make a positive difference!
Empowerment Yoga Program promotes and provides an avenue to build and maintain a healthy relationship with oneself and others. Children, youths, and adults learn strategies for their specific needs. Our services build self-esteem, concentration, balance, creativity, flexibility, physical/mental strength, and overall nurturing of oneself.

The mind and body are inseparable. Our mental health affects our physical health, and physical health impacts mental/emotional health. Physical and creative activities boost the release of endorphins in the brain. This enhances the feeling of wellbeing, and instantly lifts moods.

Our Empowerment Yoga Program provides a positive diversion from negative thinking, which supports a deeper understanding and compassion for oneself.

Empowering Yoga

Expressing Emotions Yoga Our unique style of Yoga Practice is called Expressing Emotions. These classes incorporate Hatha (physical) with emphasis on strength, flexibility, muscular engagement and Asana (posture). Asana allows individuals to completely be with him/herself in a particular position. It also supports balancing of mind and body. Creative Arts such as music, dance, drawing, colouring, poems, stories and of course fun are important components to our Expressing Emotions Yoga. We believe this combination brings a much deeper awareness and understanding of oneself. And encourages each person to take complete ownership and responsibility for his/her overall wellbeing.

Children, teens and adults gain insight about their emotions and feelings through practical hands on creative yoga sessions. Individuals learn healthy ways of expressing themselves.


Empowered Girl: 12-17yrs

The Empowered Girl Program helps girls develop a lifelong perspective and understanding of healthy habits. Expressing Emotions Yoga is an excellent source and a lasting base of transitioning from adolescent to adult life.

Children and Teens: 6-12 yrs & 13-18 yrs

The adolescent years provide an opportunity to prevent the onset of problems, and change patterns of behaviour that have not yet been firmly established. Expressing Emotions Yoga allows for the introduction and enhancement of physical fitness, mental health, and coping strategies that can have a lifelong impact on youths.

Parent and Child/Teen Communication

The focus of this is on the parent and child relationship. The goals of parents everywhere regardless of educational, socioeconomic, cultural, or religious background, seem to be very similar. They all wish to produce children who can become healthy, independent caring adults. Self-esteem, connection and empathy are the cornerstones of relationships. Rather than telling parents how to rear children or giving "quick-fix" remedies, our Expressing Emotions Yoga opens the door to growth and incredible opportunities!


Accepting responsibility for developing and maintaining wellness is a key factor in being a healthy adult. Our Expressing Emotions Yoga sessions support the adult in their decision to enhance their personal health, for a life of physical fitness and a mind in tuned with it's own feelings.

The purpose of our topics is to keep the sessions focused on empowerment and building self-esteem. Topics are introduced through quotes, poems, readings and encouraging words.
Topics of Exploration
Children: 6-12yrs Teens: 13-18yrs Empowered Girl: 12-17 Parent & Child/Teen Commnication Adults
  • Understanding Emotions and Feelings
  • Character Counts
  • Friendship and Peer Pressure
  • Kids Have Stress Too!
  • Building and Maintaining Self Esteem
  • Understanding and Dealing with Stress
  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Making Healthy Choices
  • Positive Self Image
  • Media Messages
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Risky Business: Drugs & Alcohol
  • Understanding Stress In The Family
  • Developing Trust
  • Building & Maintaining Self Esteem In The Family
  • Emotions & Feelings
  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Maintaining Healthy Attitudes and Relationships
  • Building and Maintaining Self-Esteem
Our Small Group Sessions Are Personalized To Suit Specific Needs.